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Women's Health

Women’s health means something different to every woman. While younger women often seek advice on contraception, menstrual issues, and family planning, the concerns of mature women may include menopause, osteoporosis, and pelvic floor health.

Your GP can assist you with all of this and preventative health as well, from breast checks, and skin checks, to regular cervical screening.
female doctor and female patient doing a women's health check
In December 2017, the Pap test was replaced with the Cervical Screening Test (CST). The CST detects a common sexually transmitted virus, Human Papillomavirus (known as HPV) which can cause cell changes in the cervix and rarely leads to cervical cancer. The test feels exactly like a Pap smear.

Screening now commences at age 25. If HPV is not detected, your next CST is due in 5 years. If HPV is detected, the lab will look for any changes in cells collected during your screening test. A recommendation will be provided as to whether to repeat the test in 12 months or to see a gynaecologist if the changes are more severe.

If you’re due for a cervical screening, please book in. Likewise, if you have any symptoms such as abnormal bleeding (spotting or changes in your cycle pattern), discharge or pain during sex, book in with your doctor as soon as possible.

Breast Examinations

When it comes to women’s health, breast awareness is vital. It’s important to familiarise yourself with how your breasts look and feel. That way any changes may be easier to identify. You can find tips for performing breast exams at bcna.org.au.

You can assess your eligibility to have your mammogram done with BreastScreen Victoria.

Sexual Health

As well as offering short and long acting contraception options, which your GP can discuss with you, your GP can also provide sexual health screening in a private and comfortable environment. Left untreated, some STI’s can have long-term effects so it’s always best to ask your doctor if you have any concerns.