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Doctors currently utilising the BFWC services

Dr Jane Isaac

Dr. Jane Isaac

Special interests & skills in Shared Obstetric Care, Contraceptive Implant, Iron Infusion
Consults on Tuesday, Wednesday and some Saturdays
Dr. Jane Isaac graduated with Honours from Monash University and holds a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a certificate in skin cancer medicine. Jane is interested in all aspects of general medicine, with a passion for paediatrics, adolescent, and women's health, as well as preventative health care and family planning. Jane participates in shared obstetric care with Sandringham Hospital, The Royal Women's Hospital, and Monash Medical Centre. She performs skin checks and minor surgical procedures including skin lesion removals, iron infusions, and Contraceptive Implant insertion/removal.
Dr Sheena Azar

Dr. Sheena Azar

Special interests & skills in Skin procedures, Iron Infusions, Contraceptive Implant
Consults on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays
Dr Sheena Azar was raised in Melbourne, studied Biomedical Science with Honours at the University of Melbourne, and worked as a laboratory scientist in childhood cancer, before heading off to the Australian National University in Canberra to study medicine. Dr Azar returned home to complete her internship and residency through the Northern and Austin Hospitals, and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2018. Dr Azar sees all aspects of family medicine, with interest in women’s health, child health and adolescent health, having been involved in the "Doctors in Secondary Schools" program. She performs Implanon insertions, minor skin excisions and iron infusions. Sheena loves general practice because of the people she meets, and she believes the fundamental parts of her role are to listen, to support, and to advocate for her patients. 
Dr Marita Campbell

Dr. Marita Campbell

Special interests & skills in Shared Obstetric Care, Contraceptive Implant & IUD, Tongue Ties
Consults on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and some Saturdays
Dr. Marita Campbell is a GP Obstetrician. She provides shared care at Sandringham, Royal Women’s, Monash, Dandenong, and Casey Hospitals. She has particular interests in obstetrics, gynaecology, and paediatrics and is a Fellow of ACRRM. She has particular expertise in dermatological and gynaecological procedures including the insertion of IUDs (the ones used in Australia are Mirena, Kyleena, and Copper) and Contraceptive Implant.
Dr Krish Dinesh

Dr. Krish Dinesh

Special interests & skills in Skin Cancer, Dermatology, Hair loss, Male Health, Paediatrics
Consults Tuesday, Friday, and some Saturdays
Dr Krish Dinesh's areas of clinical interest are skin cancer, general dermatology, hair loss treatments, male health checks and paediatrics. He is an Honorary clinical tutor at The University of Melbourne and Monash University and enjoys the breadth of General Practice. Krish spent time at the New York-based Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre under renowned American dermatologist Dr Ash Marghoob. He completed his Master of Dermoscopy under the supervision of European dermatologist Prof. Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, Professor of Dermatology at Graz University, Austria. Krish is the only General Practitioner in Australia to have been accepted into the Evidence Based Hair Fellowship Program, a rigorous and advanced training program for hair loss practitioners. Krish completed his postgraduate qualifications and worked in Scotland before moving to Melbourne in 2014. He completed his UK MRCGP with merit and a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University with distinction. Outside medicine, Krish is a member of the International Wine and Food Society and enjoys matching wines to his wife’s culinary skills.
Dr Sue English OAM

Dr. Sue English OAM

Special interests & skills in Shared Obstetric Care, Menopause, Vulval Health
Consults on Tuesday, Wednesday and some Saturdays
Sue is a family GP who has worked in the Bayside area since 1985. She is interested in all aspects of Women's Health, including pregnancy and breastfeeding care, menopause and vulval health. She is a GP Obstetrician and provides shared care obstetrics at Sandringham, Royal Womens, Monash, Dandenong and Casey Hospitals. She performs IUD and Contraceptive Implant insertion and removal. She is interested in Humanitarian medicine and is involved as a Volunteer, Doctor, and Board member of Children First Foundation.Member: AMA, RACGP, RANZCOG, Australian Menopause Society, Cabrini Breast Cancer Care Clinical Governance Committee. Board Member of Children First Foundation. Foundation member of International Women's Forum Australia.
Dr Steve Foster

Dr. Steve Foster

Special interests & skills in Men’s Health, Minor skin procedures, cardiovascular conditions
Consults Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays
Dr Steve Foster is a graduate of the University of Queensland Medical School. After graduating in 2008 his work in Queensland included a variety of hospital and GP rotations in the South East until completing his Fellowship in General Practice in 2017. During this time he worked in Vascular and General Surgery, as well as Paediatric and Emergency Medicine. He moved to Melbourne with his young family in early 2019. Steve is interested in all areas of General Practice, and takes a particular interest in minor skin procedures, cardiovascular conditions, men’s health and preventive medicine. 
Dr Esther Gershenzon

Dr. Esther Gershenzon

Special interests & skills in care of chronic conditions
Consults Wednesday and every Saturday
Dr Esther Gershenzon graduated from Monash University with Honours. During her medical residency with Eastern Health she developed an interest in paediatrics and women's health, as well as in the care of people with multiple chronic medical conditions. She is a fellow of the RACGP, and enjoys all areas of General Practice with a special interest in perinatal and breastfeeding support. She performs Contraceptive Implant insertions, minor skin excisions and iron infusions. In addition to General Practice, Esther works as a Medical Educator with the RACGP and as an assistant surgeon.
Dr Tammy Herring

Dr. Tammy Herring

Special interests & skills in Shared Obstetric Care, Contraceptive Implant & IUD, Menopause, Sexual Health
Consults Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays
Dr. Tammy Herring is interested in all aspects of family medicine. She graduated from Monash University in 1994 with 1st class honours, then did further training in obstetrics and gynaecology. She specialises in women's health and has a particular interest in all aspects of contraception, sexual health and the menopause. She is skilled at procedures such as the insertion of all types of IUDs (the ones used in Australia are Mirena, Kyleena, and Copper) and Contraceptive Implant, as well as Ferinject infusions. She does shared obstetric care with the Royal Women’s, Sandringham hospital and Monash Medical Centre.
Dr Sari Irlicht

Dr. Sari Irlicht

Special interests & skills in Travel Medicine, Mental Health
Consults Monday to Friday
Dr. Sari Irlicht has a special interest in travel medicine and has a wide range of experience with general practice, including time working in rural Australia and New York City. Dr. Sari Irlicht has other interests including the management of general medical issues, depression, paediatrics, women’s health, and weight management.
Dr Julian Lee

Dr. Julian Lee

Special interests & skills in Men’s health, Travel Medicine and minor procedures
Consults Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays
Dr Julian Lee was born in Melbourne, completed his medical degree at Monash University with honours, and then undertook his residency at Box Hill Hospital with experience in emergency medicine and orthopaedics. He is a fellow of the RACGP and has a particular interest in men's health, paediatrics and travel medicine. He also performs minor surgical procedures in the clinic.
Dr Sophie Morris

Dr. Sophie Morris

Special interests & skills in Women’s Health, Paediatrics
Consults Monday, Wednesday and some Saturdays
Sophie is interested in all aspects of family medicine. Her special interests include women’s health and paediatrics. Other interests include preventive medicine, health promotion and education.
Dr Joanne Simpson

Dr. Joanne Simpson

Special interests & skills in Shared care, Perinatal Mental Health, Menopause, Infant Settling, and Breastfeeding
Consults Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and some Saturdays
Dr. Joanne Simpson graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1990. After graduation Jo trained for several years at The Royal Melbourne Hospital with rotations to The Royal Children‘s Hospital and Sunshine Hospital. She then decided to undertake specialist training in General Practice. Her other qualifications include a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Graduate Certificate in Allergic Disease and NDC accreditation with Possums & Co-The Parent Wellbeing and Baby Development Collective. She has worked at both Jean Hailes Medical Centre and Masada Mother Baby Unit. Jo enjoys all aspects of General Practice but has special interests in Women’s Health and Paediatrics including Menopause, Perinatal and Postnatal care. She is currently undertaking study to become a Lactation Consultant and loves helping families in the perinatal period with all aspects of care including pre and antenatal care, postnatal care, perinatal mental health and infant settling and breastfeeding issues.
Dr Cathy Sloan

Dr. Cathy Sloan

Special interests & skills in Mental Health, Musculoskeletal medicine
Consults on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and some Saturdays - not seeing new patients
Dr. Cathy Sloan has a particular interest in women’s health including menopause. She assists with eye surgery and has extensive experience overseas in gynaecology, obstetrics, and family planning. Other interests include musculoskeletal medicine including migraine, headaches, neck and back problems, as well as mental health.
Dr Michael Soon

Dr. Michael Soon

Special interests & skills in Chronic Disease Management and prevention
Consults every day except Thursday
Dr. Michael Soon has worked as a doctor in both solo and group general practice since 1987. He has special interests in men’s health and in the management and prevention of chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Soon performs minor surgical procedures, such as removal of skin lesions.
Dr Maria Sullivan

Dr. Maria Sullivan

Special interests & skills in Sexual Health, Iron infusions and family medicine
Consults every day except Wednesday and some Saturdays  - not seeing new patients
Dr. Maria Sullivan is interested in all aspects of family medicine and has extensive experience in women’s health, paediatrics, and sexual health. She performs minor surgical procedures including iron infusions and Contraceptive Implant.
Dr Irena Vigderovich

Dr. Irena Vigderovich

Special interests & skills in Shared Obstetric Care, Ear, Nose & Throat, Contraceptive Implant & IUD, Cosmetic injectables, Tongue Ties
Consults Monday to Friday and some Saturdays
Dr. Irena Vigderovich graduated from Melbourne University in 1998. She has a certificate in obstetrics and has completed extra training in paediatrics, ear, nose and throat disorders (at RVEEH) and all forms of contraception. Irena participates in Shared obstetric care at The Royal Women’s, Sandringham and Monash Hospitals. She has also had extra training in insertion of IUD (the ones used in Australia are Mirena, Kyleena, and Copper) and Contraceptive Implant. Irena is interested in all aspects of family medicine, especially children’s health, women’s health, shared maternity care and preventative medicine. She does minor skin procedures, tongue ties and iron infusions. She speaks fluent Russian.
Dr Emily Walsh

Dr. Emily Walsh

Special interests & skills in Health screening, Preventative health care, Womens health including menopause management, Mental Health, Weight management and eating disorders
Consults Tuesday to Friday and some Saturdays
Emily is an experienced GP who works in a practical and relational style to achieve the best health outcomes for patients. She studied medicine at Monash University and has extra experience in paediatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine. Emily is an excellent diagnostician, communicator and coordinator of health care. After working for over 15 years in south eastern Melbourne she has links with local specialists and allied health. Emily is also an authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis. Preventative health care, mental health, menopause management and medicinal cannabis prescriptions require a long appointment (at least 30 minutes). This will achieve better and more satisfying results for patients. Due to the administrative burden, Emily can not prescribe ADHD medications to new patients. This will need to be done by a psychiatrist or another GP. She will continue to prescribe to those patients for which she already holds a permit.
Dr Andrew Woodard

Dr. Andrew Woodard

Special interest & skills in Allergies, Cardiovascular medicine
Consults Monday to Friday and every second Saturday
Dr. Andrew Woodard graduated from University of Melbourne with honours in 1983 and has had overseas experience working in hospitals in Burma and Malaysia. Andy has worked in General Practice since 1989. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Allergies. His other medical interests include men's health, cardiovascular medicine, paediatrics, and allergy.