Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations and Travel Health Consultations

palm treesAll travel consultations and vaccinations need to be booked through our reception team. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of some destinations, these can not be booked online, as we require our nursing team to be available to administer vaccinations.

It is important before your next overseas holiday, especially if going to Asia, Africa or South America, that you have a travel consultation, 6 weeks before you leave. This encompasses a comprehensive assessment of your risks and how to minimise them.

If you’re planning a trip overseas it is very important that your travel vaccinations are all up to date well before you depart. That’s why we advise our patients to make appointments for both their travel vaccinations and travel health consultations at least 6 – 8 weeks before departure.

At your consultation your doctor will determine what travel vaccinations, if any, are required. Every trip and every traveller is different, so you will need a consultation to determine your individual needs.

Some of the commonly occurring travel diseases are:

  • Mosquito borne illnesses
  • Altitude sickness (if relevant)
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Diseases spread through animals like Rabies.

Please Note:

  • For some infectious diseases eg gastroenteritis no vaccines are available, you may wish to discuss this with your doctor.
  • Some vaccines require a course over several weeks or sometimes months.
  • Travel vaccines can be expensive, depending on what vaccines are required for your destination. The cost of some common vaccines are listed below.
  • Please bring your itinerary form to the consultation as the doctor will need to know all the countries you are visiting, the duration of your trip and whether you are staying in tourist or rural areas and accommodation.

Please call the clinic to book an appointment and discuss your travel requirements.

Common travel vaccines & approximate prices

Disease Price
Flu $25.00
Polio $50.00
Typhoid & Hepatitis A combination $165.00
Hepatitis A $80.00
Hepatitis B $31.00
Typhoid $60.00
Rabies $250.00 ($125 x 2)
Meningitis ACWY (travel) $82.00
Yellow Fever $115.00

travel vaccinations brightonBe aware, the cost of vaccinations for a short trip to Asia could be in excess of $300 plus the cost of your consultation. If you have private health insurance check with your provider as they may offer a rebate on travel vaccinations.

How to ensure a healthy travel

Before travelling abroad you should refer to the availability of various vaccinations and immunisations which can protect yourselves from harmful diseases. Consult your doctor for which vaccinations you will need for all the countries you plan to visit. Some vaccinations require multiple injections at specific intervals and this can up to a few months. There are also numerous travel vaccines that can be taken all together at once.

Some worthy tips to be taken during travel

  • Take precautions against malaria by preventing mosquito bites with proper insect repellent and mosquito netting at night.
  • For road safety, wear your seat belt at all times while driving and always wear a helmet while bike riding.
  • Consume only clean drinking water or bottled water to prevent water-borne diseases like diarrhea.
  • During tropical travel, sun burns can be prevented by using sunscreens with high SPF value.
  • Leave animals alone as certain animal bites and scratches can cause rabies.
  • Stay in a clean and hygienic housing to prevent diseases.
  • Take a medical pack including  first aid & an adequate supply of your usual medications for the duration of your trip.  Some medications are not available in all destinations.
  • Take a letter from your GP listing any medications you are taking with you.
  • For further information & to register your trip go to
  • Another useful website for travellers is