Frequently Asked Questions

Do Brighton Family & Women’s Clinic take new patients?

New patients are welcome at Brighton Family & Women’s Clinic. Please Call to make an appointment and visit our new patients page.

Do I need an appointment?

Consultations are by appointment only. Our reception staff will be happy to assist you in making an appropriate appointment with any of our brighton doctors. If your doctor is unavailable, an alternative will be offered to you.

Does the clinic bulk bill?

We are a private billing clinic and do not bulk bill anyone except Veteran Affairs Gold cardholders (a fee applies for wound care). A schedule of fees is located in the Information section of this site.

How do I request a prescription or referral?

You can ask your doctor during an appointment to give you the prescriptions and referrals that are necessary to see you through to your next appointment. However if prescriptions or referrals are needed between appointments you can do this via HotDoc. Existing patients can request a prescription here and request a referral here, the fee for this is $23.

Am I able to book a long consultation and when is this necessary?

Longer consultations are available. If you are a new patient, you have a complex medical problem, multiple small issues, are to undergo a procedure (such as removal of a skin lesion) or pap smear, please inform the reception staff when booking, so that adequate time and resources can be arranged.

Are there facilities for non-English/poor English speaking patients?

If a language other than English is spoken, please bring a family member or friend to interpret (if this is acceptable to you) or an interpreter can be contacted for a fee at the time of consultation.

How do I obtain my pap smear results?

These will be telephoned to you in the case of an urgent abnormality. Normal results will be notified to you in writing, with a recommendation for further follow-up.

Can I get my other test results without an appointment?

Test results can generally be obtained after 3 working days by telephoning our nurses on 9516 5132 between 10.00am – 12.00noon weekday mornings. Please obtain details of this service from your doctor. Please refer to the Results section on the Information Page of this website for more details.

Do you have pathology services?

Yes we offer pathology services through Melbourne Pathology at our clinic.

How do I get a referral to a specialist / for pathology?

Referrals to specialists are to be requested at the time of consultation, to ensure that the current, relevant medical information is transferred to the specialist.

Can I get prescriptions without an appointment?

Your medication should be reviewed regularly. Please oblige by making an appointment.
In the case of emergency, a $10 fee will apply and you will receive a reduced quantity of your medication. (at the discretion of the individual doctor)

How do Patients Aged 16-18 Years old get their results?

Teenagers aged 16 and above need to provide their consent, at every consult for their parents/guardians to be able to call or receive their child’s results. This consent needs to be documented by the GP at each consult before the nurses are able to give results over the phone or in person to parents/guardians. If the consent is not documented, then no results will be released when a parent/guardian calls or asks for results in person. The teenager in question will need to call the practice and speak with one of the nurses and give consent for them to speak with a parent/guardian. This is a legal requirement in accordance with the Privacy Act 2004, and is for the well being and health of our youth. They need know that they are able to speak with medical personnel in confidence should they deem it necessary.

I’d like to leave some feedback about the clinic. What do I do?

Feedback about our Brighton Medical Centre both positive and negative is always welcome, you may request a feedback form from reception, download The Feedback Form here, or telephone our Practice Manager, Philippa Cowden , on 9516 5100. If you make a complaint & were dissatisfied with the way your complaint was resolved please contact the Health Services Commissioner on free call 1800 136 066.

Can I speak to my doctor on the telephone?

It is preferable for you to make an appointment to see your doctor, however if necessary doctors in this practice may be contacted by telephone during normal surgery hours. As a courtesy to patients, our doctors generally do not interrupt consultations to take phone calls. A message will be taken for them to call back at the end of their session. In an emergency your call will be put straight through to a doctor.

What do I do in an emergency when the clinic is closed?

If you have a medical emergency please call an ambulance on 000. For medical attention outside normal surgery hours, the locum service can be contacted on 132 660. You can also attend Sandringham Emergency Department in Bluff Road, Sandringham, Ph: 9076 1470 or for patients covered by Private Health Insurance, Cabrini Emergency Department, Ph: 9508 1500 on Isabella Street, Malvern, where non rebateable fees may apply.

Are my medical records private?

This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information. Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. Please see the privacy statement on the reception counter for further information.

How will I know when I’m due for my next test/yearly check-up?

As a service to our patients, we maintain a system to remind patients of routine tests, check ups or other preventative health issues using SMART recalls via SMS and then a follow up letter if required. Your permission is requested on our patient registration form. If you do not wish to be sent a reminder SMS or letter please advise your doctor or reception staff.

Can I arrange for a home visit?

Home visits may be available after discussion with your doctor, however it is preferred for patients to visit us at our Bayside Medical Centre.