Coronavirus COVID-19 Tips

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COVID-19 Update – Sept 2021

Due to increasing numbers of positive COVID cases in Melbourne, we have taken measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our waiting room is currently closed and our door locked. You can call reception or use your HotDoc appt to check in.

Your doctor or nurse will contact you via phone and then meet you at the door to grant access.

Surgical Masks must be worn at all times in our clinic. Cloth masks are not acceptable.

All our staff are vaccinated against COVID 19 and we are recommending vaccination to our eligible patients.

We now have COVID vaccines. Bookings must be done via HotDoc and consent forms completed.

Telehealth is currently available to all patients, due to lockdown restrictions.

Do not attend the clinic if you have been to an exposure site or tested positive for COVID-19 – Telehealth, including video, can be arranged.

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Book online or call reception to discuss 9516 5100

Coronavirus video – Social distancing

Coronavirus is most likely to spread from person to person, when we come into close contact with one another. We can all help stop the spread by keeping our distance.

Coronavirus video – Help Stop The Spread

Helping to stop the spread of coronavirus is something that we can all do. Watch this video for practical tips.

Coronavirus video – Good Hygiene Starts Here

We can all help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This video details good hygiene practices that everyone can adopt.

Coronavirus video – Older Australians

Coronavirus can be more serious for older Australians, but we can help to protect those most at risk.

Coronavirus video – Stay Informed

As issues with the coronavirus changes and develops it’s important to stay informed.

To stay informed please visit the website: