Lactation & Breastfeeding Support

lactation breastfeeding supportAt Brighton Family and Women’s clinic we are excited to offer a Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Service to existing and new patients.

The service is managed by GP Dr Kate Naylor and supported by Registered Midwife/Nurse Sancha O’Donoghue, both experienced, Internationally Certified Lactation Consultants.

Together Dr Kate and Sancha will complete a comprehensive assessment of breastfeeding issues, and provide individualised treatment, information and support to assist women and their families achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Our service offers:

  • Antenatal information/support and lactation plan for pregnant women.
  • Assistance with feeding issues from birth and beyond
  • Full breastfeeding assessment including infant oral/craniofacial examination
  • Tongue tie release only when assessed to be related to breastfeeding problems
  • Treatment of breastfeeding problems including mastitis, thrush, nipple damage, nipple/breast infection, low supply, over supply, breast refusal and fussy infant
  • Slow or low baby weight gain management
  • Assistance with breastfeeding aids such as nipple shields and supply lines.
  • Breast feeding plan
  • Education on different methods of position and attachment
  • Assistance with weaning and introduction of solids
  • Assessment of postnatal mental health
  • GP Management Plan
  • GP Mental Health Plan
  • Referral to Allied Health Professionals as required

Initial assessment/interview will be with Sancha followed by a consultation on the same day with Dr Kate.

Dr Kate Naylor

Dr Kate Naylor


Dr Kate Naylor is a fully qualified GP, trained in Melbourne and Brisbane. She is also is an internationally accredited and qualified lactation consultant with extensive experience in supporting breastfeeding mothers. Together with our nurse lactation consultant Sancha, she provides a specialized lactation management service at the clinic. Dr Kate also has a particular interest in skin cancer detection and removal after working for many years in Queensland.



Nurse Lactation Consultant

Please come prepared to feed your baby during the appointment and please bring any aids that you are currently using with you.

Further appointments will be booked if required and all patients will receive a follow up phone call for further support.

happy family breast feeding

The cost of the Lactation Service will usually be $296

Medicare rebates will apply with a return of $110.40

Some health care funds may also give a rebate for this service. Please check with your personal health insurance.

* If further appointments are required further costs may apply.